Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Primordial Soup (5 final)

 Scientists are like politicians at times. When one expresses a new idea, there are a whole heard who try and disprove it, some because they actually believe that what the founding researcher idea is incorrect, and others simply because they wish to make a name for themselves in doing so. But let us explore the question proposed here, how did life begin? This is hardly an easy question to rectify with a few experiments and squabbling scientists. The whole process will involve a tremendous amount of work and collaboration. And even if we do ever find an answer for this, it will still be question that will plague use for quite a while. Finding that which began life, and caused all that we now know, will really just be the tip of the ice berg, per se, in the humongous world of evolution and formation. The question of life is just one of those things that humans never really want to agree on. It is almost like asking use to view the sky and, with utmost certainty, name the number of stars in the sky, but we are not at that stage yet. While Miller’s experiment does not hold up to what current scientists believe was the true nature of the early Earth, it did plant the seed for a new way to look at how life formed. Millers experiment shows that organic compounds and amino acids have the potential to be made out of material that was present on prebiotic Earth and in outer space. And other scientist have been able to prove that amino acids could be made out of the CO, CO2, and N2 that is now believed to be the major composition of early Earth as long as no oxygen is present (Origin). Miller led to the understanding that producing amino acids is much easier than first thought. While his methods may have not been utilized the right gases and such, without him, scientists may still not be exploring this avenue of thought. The origin of life is baffling, and its discovery shall indeed take a lot of work.

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