Saturday, October 26, 2013

Geek Hierarchy

Where do you fall in the Geek Hierarchy?
I believe I am your average Geek.

How Trace Transfer posses a Problem For the TSA in Bomb Detection?

In recent years the Transportation Security Administration(TSA) has placed new security measures at certain airports that require random swaps of passenger’s hands for explosive residue. This measure was put into effect after the Christmas Day attempt bombing in 2009 of the Northwest Airlines Flight 253. While this safety measure was put into effect for the wellbeing of the American public, it also has the potential to do the opposite. Jay Stanley, an attorney and privacy expert with the American Civil Liberties as quoted by CNN saying: “[The TSA] are basically looking for particles of explosives, which is not something that people normally have." While the average person may not have explosives or come in direct contact with them, this does not weed out to fact that a normal person might come in contact with explosive residue though transfer.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Forensics: The Truth Behind the Shows

A man is found dead with a bullet wound in his chest. Who did it? Since there is blood spatter, a gun, and tire depressions at the scene, this question is best left for the forensics and investigators. At this stage, many people become confused on proper procedures. Many believe that the scene will be investigated by six people, who will collect the evidence, process the evidence at a lab, question the suspects, and arrest the bad guys all in the space of about an hour. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone out there that believes this to be true because, it’s not. Contrary to what many people believe the processing and handling of evidence, the appearance and workings of a corpse, and how forensic evidence, is applied to the criminal justice system in order to catch criminals, is not a quick six person job....

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

English Pronunciation

The greatest tongue twister and proof that our language is really weird and hardly make sense.  


How to Make Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

For all of you nerds out there, this is the perfect recipe to satisfy your nerdyness. Or for all of you parents out there, this is a great recipe to surprise your kids with. It is a very simple recipes that can include people of all ages.