Friday, April 27, 2012

Cuz we all know that if we divided by 0, that city would not still be there. 
Anyway, I wanted to talk about an interesting field of chemistry. Prebiotic chemistry. a.k.a the chemistry of the early Earth. See, there's the thing. We all have that question, how did we get here? What is the science pertaining to our very existence? Well, we have found a lot of interesting data that might just help answer these questions in prebiotic chem. 
Here is just a little bit to think on. Amino acids. The fundamental building blocks of life. Where did they come from? Well, for that we should look at an interesting experiment. The Miller-Urey Experiment. See Miller and Urey wanted to recreate the early atmosphere of the Earth, add some gases, and zap it with electricity while heating and cooling it repeatedly to see what happens.

And Guess what they found?

Amino Acids! They where able to create an environment that allowed for the creation of the guys. Just imaging that this means! (yes, there is some controversy surrounding some of the conditions used, but those scientists are just jelly). We could better pinpoint origins; better understand the environment of the early Earth, and and so much more.
So, check it out:

p.s. finals are next week, this is why I have been and still will be joining the hermit club.  

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Just to shod some light on this situation, the amino acids that were found here are cool. But what no evolutionist was brave enough to admit is that these acids they found usually end life of other kinds, and don't usually give birth to other life, let alone life of a higher form.


    p.s. thanks for the attention.