Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paper? or Ticket?

I am guilty!! Unfortunately, there has been many a time when this has happened. But, in my defense, I find that magical things happen right around midnight. Inspiration strikes, writers bloke disappears, and nothing seems to cause a distraction. And why is that? It is because I am working at my best so that I might actually achieve a few hours of sleep before class starts. That, my friends, has been my greatest cause of motivation. Not that I am condoning waiting till the last moment to start a paper, but I am being realistic cuz, face it, it has, and or will,  happen to us all. 
And on to another note,  "The Proof of Innocence." What is this you may ask? Well this is a research paper that was published by senior research scientist Dmitri Krioukov in order to get out of a $400 speeding ticket by proving, through physics and math, that  a car moving at a constant speed can appear to move in the same way as a car that is moving quickly and briefly stops before accelerating again. The best part? He won.  See guy, all though equations you learn in math can help you some day.

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